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Module Description Enable?
Blocklists Mark some mimetypes and file extensions as malicious by default.
ClamAV Local ClamAV scanner
Extractor Extracts content from the uploaded object (email, archive)
Hashlookup Lookup hash values against known database of files.
Hybrid Analysis Malware analysis service
Joe Sandbox File analyzer
Malware Bazaar Malware sample exchange platform
MSO DDE MS Office documents parser and DDE extractor
MWDB Malware repository for automated malware collection and analysis systems.
Observables Extracts observables from the uploaded file.
OLE Microsoft OLE2 files parser
Preview Generates a preview for the uploaded document (office, pdf, image, ...)
Virus Total Files analyzer
XLMMacroDeobfuscator Decode obfuscated XLM macros (also known as Excel 4.0 macros)
Yara Signature Base Signature base by Neo23x0